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Rupert Fawcett

rupert.jpgRupert was born and raised in Kensington, West London.  He became a professional cartoonist almost by accident when in 1989 whilst doodling he drew a little bald man in braces and carpet slippers and named him Fred.  Within months Fred cartoons were appearing every week in Midweek, a free magazine given away at London tube stations, and later in the Mail On Sunday.  Books, greeting cards and other merchandise soon followed.  When his children were small Rupert was inspired to create a new cartoon character called Daddy.  Again books, a greeting card range and merchandise followed.

Rupert has since developed and had published numerous other creations and then in 2011 Rupert’s long-standing greeting card licensee mentioned that cards featuring cats or dogs always sold well but they were rather short on images.  As it happened, Rupert had recently featured dogs in one or two of his established cartoon strands and liked the idea of developing a new strand of cartoons centred on dogs and so “OFF THE LEASH” was born.

Internet-savvy friends persuaded Rupert to try exploiting his new creation himself via the burgeoning social media networks and so in March 2012, with some initial trepidation, Rupert created a Facebook page devoted to “OFF THE LEASH” and set himself the challenge of publishing a new cartoon every day.  It was an immediate hit and, stimulated by the rapid exponential growth of “OFF THE LEASH” followers and their appreciative feedback.  Rupert has devoted himself to creating a constant flow of daily cartoons ever since.  With nearly a million followers and growing by the minute, his long-established reputation for ‘off-the-wall’ humour is alive and well in “OFF THE LEASH”……