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Lorraine Corrigan

Lorraine's passion is sighthounds and she is naturally drawn to them in her artistic endeavours.  She also produces the most fabulous sculptures of other breeds but only very occasionally as sighthounds are her speciality.  She has a natural eye for form and this, combined with her intimate knowledge of the anatomy and characteristic poses of the dog, lead to the most glorious sculptures.  She has a light hand creating delicate, sensitive forms full of movement and expression.

Lorraine's sculptures use the delicacy of fine wire and multiple layers of vintage paper carefully placed to emphasis texture and solid form.  They are finished with a sealant wash to give an almost stone-like finish. 

Lorraine's works to commission and her sculptures are handmade to order.  Please allow plenty of time if you are ordering for a special occasion.  The works shown here are samples of previous work.